I was given a large poster with a picture of Albert Einstein whereon it stated, “I want to know how G_d thinks, everything else is a detail.”

This statement permeated my subconscious and remained there for more than a decade, resonating persistently. Then I came upon the words recorded in the Zohar regarding the 6th millennium and my subconscious became my conscious, and I began to consider how the prime mover might think before initiating what has become defined as the Big Bang – through which reality as we perceive it came into existence.

The basis for the idea in my book is simply this: The Architect would want the highest level of intelligence arising out of this reality to understand through time, the reason why?;The Architect would construct the explanation in the universal language – mathematics; The Architect would couch this explanation in words (the differentiating factor of our species) whose sub text are numbers, such that our understanding would increase incrementally, and then with advancing technology accelerate exponentially to completion; The Architect’s innate sense of humour and irony would ensure the transmission of this message through the medium of simple stories (which many consider to be myth) that have remained intact for thousands upon thousands of years, and whose plain text meaning would be cast aside as irrelevant to our time.