A sneak peak at the book’s structure :-

To be able to create and/or understand an idea, a thought, is an essential part of being human – in Rene Descartes* words, Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am.

This story has five primary elements – Beginning; Progression; Guardians; Numbers; Reflections; and two complementary elements; totalling 7 :-

Sunset and Moonrise (designated Zero or Tzimtzum) at which point the concept is conceived;

Sunrise (6th) the time when supernal and secular thought will begin to merge – a precursor to the setting of the Sun.

As the fabric of the idea weaves around numbers, I have enumerated six of the seven elements of the book against the backdrop of each of the Six Numbers that Sir Martin John Rees writes about in his book “Just Six Numbers”. The Seventh element, the first section ‘Sunset’, I have designated Zero, being the period before the beginning i.e. Tzimtzum.

* For those interested, I recommend the book “Descartes Error” by Antonio Damasio.