Author’s Note

Author’s Note

The end-date of a 5125-year-long cycle in the Meso-American Long Count calendar, the so-called Mayan prediction, was on 21 12 2012. A possibility at the time, that created a billion-dollar film amidst press speculation aimed at those who find fascination in doom and gloom; those naysayers who use every opportunity to find reason to pronounce that the end of the world is nigh.

Almost four thousand years ago, before the wheel, before paper, ancient sages predicted that in the 6th part of the sixth millennium humanity would begin to attain the capacity to tap into the well of infinite wisdom. This was subsequently recorded in The Zohar, a word meaning ‘radiance’ whose mystical ideas are encapsulated therein.
Such a prescient vision has been preserved for all this time within the ancient, unique and sustained culture of the People of the Book, and is imminent given accelerating quantum leaps in technology driving humanity to coalesce rapidly towards the point called Singularity.

This is a story about an idea giving consideration to this ancient prediction in the context of the extraordinary set of circumstances playing out in our world as I write; an attempt to try to understand the rules set in motion before the beginning; to anticipate the end-game in which we are still, and will remain, merely players. To be able to create and understand an idea, a thought, is an essential part of being human – in René Descartes words, “Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am”.

Some numerical complexity is vital to convey the idea construct, mathematics being a universal truth, but do not concern yourself if you are not so inclined; going with the general flow of the concept is the key. George Orwell wrote 1984, using as his title a variation on the year in which he wrote the book – 1948. His reasoning in so doing was simply “the future is here”. Extending his concept slightly, the essence of my story is simply – “the future was written before the beginning”.

This project is complete; my preoccupation with its themes will continue. As you read, please consider the following: –
Why not reveal everything in time through the inexorable process of accelerating thought?
Why not bury the key to reality within the plain text of ancient and seemingly simple stories that have persisted throughout the sweep of history and yet are continually debunked by modernity on the basis of being irrelevant to our time?

My hope may be encapsulated in the words of Benoit Mandelbrot –“My fate has been that what I undertook was fully understood only after the fact”